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  • Raw X Grape Tree Terpene Infused Cones

Raw X Grape Tree Infused Terpene Cones.


Raw X Orchard Beach Terpene Infused Cones. King Size. Grape Tree.  12 Tubes With 1 Cone Per Tube In A Box Display.


Orchard cannabis represents the best terpene profile in the world for those who know it. After years of research, the people at Lemon Tree Naturals have now produced Lemon Tree, Grape Tree, and Blueberry Tree terpene-infused cones, as part of their partnership with RAW Rolling Papers. Straight from Santa Cruz, directly to you. Experience these natural terp flavors wherever you are!


Key Features: 

  • Cones are terpene-infused 
  • Available in Lemon Tree, Grape Tree, Strawberry Tree or Blueberry Tree terpene flavors
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